Why do most people seem to play with the 3D off?

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User Info: yukito

4 years ago#111
Drains battery, so if I'm not at home I don't turn it on.
I'm not sure if I've just yet to find the perfect sweet spot, but the effect doesn't impress me and it gets a little annoying to look at after maybe half an hour. I usually turn it on and off while playing 3DS games, just to see what I'm missing.
So far there isn't a game where it's essential to the gameplay.
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User Info: Kevinroth666

4 years ago#112
I'll be honest, 3D just seems like an unnecessary gimmick to me and doesn't add anything to any games. Also, just like others have said, I don't like the angle you have to keep the 3DS if you want to see the game properly; I play handhelds for it's mobility, having to stay effectively static defeats the purpose.

HOWEVER, I've come to realize that has A LOT to do with the software/game you're playing. I don't have ANY of the aforementioned problems while playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. The angle seems less sensitive, it's easy on the easy and GORGEOUS... it really adds quite a depth to gameplay.

So now, I'm on the fence about it

User Info: CTBradums

4 years ago#113
Makeveli_lives posted...
Because being forced to hold it one position to not have double images everywhere is annoying.

This guy essentially hit the nail on the head, in terms of how I feel. At first, it was new and cool to have it in 3d, but after a while, it got extremely annoying. I remember reading about the initial reports on the 3ds, and that a majority of users simply turned the 3d down or off. Now that I have one, I can see why. It's...cool, kinda, but it's not worth the headache and the need to keep it 14in away from your body and centered in your line of sight in order to not get a migraine.

User Info: KAMMYqueen

4 years ago#114
depends on the game, for Example Super mario 3d land 3d is on all the time. but for like Mario kart 7 i use the 3d for the like 1st 5 mins i own it
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User Info: mamerv

4 years ago#115
Hurts my eyes after a few minutes.
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User Info: Scion_Machina

4 years ago#116
It doesn't enhance the gameplay almost 100% of the time and it hurts the eyes after a while and did I mention that the gimmick is hardly fully utilized.
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User Info: ryuuhi

4 years ago#117
I like it and almost always use it.
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User Info: MotiJr

4 years ago#118
I always have it on. I don't get why people hate it so much, battery doesn't finish that quickly and the angle isn't a problem either. Maybe I play for a shorter time than others when I commute.
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User Info: Marsford

4 years ago#119
It's really strong on the XL. It also depends on the game I'm playing. But for the most part I prefer it on but it takes work to keep the system still.
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