What's the last DS game you played?

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User Info: Teremei

4 years ago#81
Black 2, playing that now because of X/Y. Before that, geez I don't remember. I have alot of DS games. Whatever the newest most exciting one was several months back.
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User Info: WiseWarrior101

4 years ago#82
Pokemon Black 2. Such a great game.
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User Info: DirtBasedSoap

4 years ago#83
From: Tzuba12 | #003
Black 2.
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User Info: ferofax

4 years ago#84
Dawn of Heroes (known henceforth as Bratz Tactics). Crimson Shroud is taking a bit of my time though. Was supposed to be FE:A, but stupid store sold my reservation, so I bought this game off another store instead.
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User Info: TheSpiralQueen

4 years ago#85
Kirby Squeak Squad.

User Info: Ethenia

4 years ago#86
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time... Yep, I finally found this game and even better, the fourth entry to this series is announced!!!

I'd say, my bad luck for the past two months is finally getting better.
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User Info: ShadyBrad1984

4 years ago#87
Gamemaster64 posted...
Etrian Odyssey III
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User Info: DBean

4 years ago#88
Sadly, it's Wario: Master of Disguise. I'm hoping to change that with a Phantasy Star 0 online session soon.

User Info: Bikes-

4 years ago#89
Currently working on:
Etrian oddesy series (on 1 atm)
Chrono trigger
Devil survivor 2

User Info: Gearblade

4 years ago#90
black 2
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