Noob needs help, online store and battery life?

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User Info: Th__Gaming

4 years ago#1
Hello ppl!

I have a question, this might be stupid to a lot of you considering my noobism. I haven’t had a hand held console since game boy color, so I am slightly out of touch. However with fire emblem dropping I got quiet interested in a 3ds, as well come fall I might start studding at a place that comes with a train commutate. I see the 3ds as a great way to kill some time during the commutate.

Those are the reasons why - not that you care but well ^^. Now I have a few questions.

Battery life on the XL how is it, say no 3d and full on 3d?

Also there is an online store I take it? How does that work, similar to psn and stuff like that? As I am familiar with those.
Ds/gba had a lot of nice castlevania games I thought looked really awesome, as some other stuff but mostly those, any chance some of those games are available for download and play on the 3ds?
I´d love to see a library or a list of the games in the online shop if that is possible.

Finally I live in EU swe, if that makes a difference?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reading and answering my questions, I do appreciate that a lot =). - The hardcore philosophy.
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