Could the 3DS handle ports of games like Xenoblade or Skyward Sword?

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User Info: kaliskonig

4 years ago#1
Just curious as to how strong the 3DS really is. DKCR will be the second wii port to 3DS if I'm not mistaken. Just how strong is the 3DS in comparison to wii in terms that someone who knows nothing about specs would understand. Would the 3DS be strong enough to play the likes of Skyward Sword or Xenoblade for example. Or how about Metroid Prime. I figure if it can it will have jaggies due to the Wii's and gamecube's better ?aliasing? Is that the proper term?

Like Luigi's mansion Dark moon looks great but not as great as the original due to models and objects having jagged lines on 3DS. Is that a problem with the resolution or what?

User Info: Drgonbxcross

4 years ago#2
Nintendo at one point stated it was just a powerful as the wii I think. Either that or the people that get into the specs said so but I'm fairly certain it was nintendo.

So theoretically yes, but I'm not sure about details like aliasing and stuff like that.
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User Info: Puzzles99

4 years ago#3
It depends on how much effort the port team puts into it.

The Wii and 3DS aren't directly comparable despite what people on this board would have you believe.

They have difference graphical architecture.

The Wii can push more polygons and uses higher res textures.

The 3DS can take advantage of shaders and lighting effects that the Wii can't, so it can either make textures look great with visual effects (RE Revelations) or it can look terrible (enemies in Kid Icarus).

It's all about the developer's familiarity with the architecture and the effort they decide to put into it.

User Info: choobiator

4 years ago#4
How much space can a 3DS card hold? Skyward Sword has a lot of orchestrated music and Xenoblade has two full voice tracks.

User Info: Sosdoc

4 years ago#5
They're fairly different consoles, the 3DS has the advantage (in a sense) of having a lower resolution, its GPU also supports newer effects and sometimes it can provide better effects than what the wii could (look at MH3U, the 3ds version looks the same as the wii one, but with dynamic lighting, no small feat).

On the other hand, the 3DS's CPU is fairly weaker, given the games we got until now, I'd say it's around Gamecube levels, probably better if the developers can use the 2nd CPU (there was a rumor that it was unlocked to developers some time ago, instead of having it completely dedicated to the system).

As for memory, 3DS carts can hold up to 8GB, though now most games use 2 or 4 GB cartridges. Anyway, I think not many games will use the 8 GB one, because a lot of the space i usually held by textures, given the low resolution the textures used don't need a lot of space (on a 400x240 screen you can't see improvements given by textures bigger than that).

User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#6
If a game like that was made specifically for the 3DS then yes it could, but not sure about a port.
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