Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will automatically be better than the Wii version

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User Info: AceGamer11x

4 years ago#21
Sosdoc posted...
What if... we have to shake the 3DS to do the same?

That would suck.

User Info: Quesker

4 years ago#22
I had little to no problems with Motion Controls with DCKR when it first came out. I did found out, however, that motion controls with the wiimote+nunchuck combo is far more comfortable than the standard standalone wiimote, especially when it comes to gestures like shaking. What I imagine is that most players that play platforming games with the standalone wiimote likely shakes with both hands. If you insist on sticking to that route, try shaking with just one hand next time. Leave the other hand alone and give it a rest for a moment.

With the aformentioned combo, most, if not all, of the "uncomfortable-ness" of motion controls have been put to rest. Heck, the motions required for any moment that has Diddy King rolling DK as if he were a barrel is actually entertaining and addictive to the experience. Now, this may not apply to everyone, but I do know that from my experience, the combo makes Motion controls far more tolerable, if nothing else.
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User Info: Jumpmandk

4 years ago#23
I have to agree with TC on this. Even if the graphics took a major hit, this version would still be superior to the original. DKCR started off fairly simple, but as the levels get more fast and furious, 100% accurate controls are needed and the Wii's motion controls just don't cut the mustard.

There is no reason what so ever to not give the option for every method available at the time. This is just Nintendo being Nintendo, and forcing the consumer to use a feature that they want to slap in your face.

This is the same reason why their demo's now have limits. This is the dumbest $#%! I have ever seen, it's a "DEMO" for Christ sake. If someone is going to play a demo a thousand times, I doubt they are going to go out and a buy that game either way. I personally might play a demo 4-5 times before I get the chance to finish it. Yes, I'm busy with life and don't always get long stretches of time to play.

Now when the demo's had 30 uses, it wasn't an issue, but now with 5 uses, I have to plan and think about when and where I can play a demo so that I don't run out of chances to get the experience it has to offer. If anyone can't see the problem here, you are a true fanboy and I truly hope you are enjoying Nintendo's control over your life.

Another example is in Wii "Punch Out". You use the Wiimote sideways like a classic controller to play the game and then when the round is over, you have to point the controller at the screen to navigate the menus pointer style, WTF!? is the purpose in this? I'm already playing with the D-Pad, why do I want to point the Wiimote at the screen to navigate the menu? The menu's are set up with simple up down and left right designs, so what possible reason can there be to use the Wiimote for menu's? NONE! What a complete waste of time and forced controls for no other reason than to give gamers the "BIG MIDDLE FINGER".

DKCR is a stellar game and Retro really deserves support, as this game was just Awesome. I'm so glad that I get another chance to play and finish it the way it was intended without that extra forced Nintendo "waggle" controls.

User Info: acrylick42

4 years ago#24
I have the Wii version, but I barely even touched it because I didn't like the motion controls in a Donkey Kong Country game. Even though it's the same game, I might get it on 3DS because I'll actually be able to control and play the game for the first time. Plus I think the environments will be great in 3D.

User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#25
I used codes to replace the waggle with buttons and it still wasn't a very good game.

User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#26
Gencoil posted...
I can't believe people have such a problem with shaking the Wii remote. "Oh no! I have to move my hand a little! Oh, the agony, the pain of it all!".

It's not the actual act of shaking it, the detection was just s***ty and you had to REALLY shake it. NSMBW had a nice amount of movement needed, but DKCR was crazy stupid.
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User Info: ShinobiRain

4 years ago#27
The problem wasn't the motion controls itself, but the fact that you needed it for pretty much the entire game, whether it was simple playthroughs or time attack. In time attack , you had to do the waggle motion perfectly on even the easy levels to get the top time. That was especially egregious to me, and the main reason I stopped playing the game. When you stick a poorly implemented gimmick into the game and make it the only/primary way to play the game, that's where I draw the line.

User Info: grans

4 years ago#28
There a difference between motion control that has been carefully designed and integrated into a game to enhance and improve the gameplay, and tacked on imprecise waggle that would function better with buttons. I have absolutely no problem with the former way of doing things, I have praised the motion controls in many games that did it right and love using them when it's done in a way that feels fun using them.

Skyward Sword, first person shooters such as Metroid Prime series, Wii Sports, etc are examples of very good motion controls. Ones i'd argue would not be as good without said controls (the Prime series being a good example because the originals didn't have motion controls and it's easy to compare). They carefully designed those game around the motion controls so that they become a part of it in a manner that feels intuitive and fun. And as such, it's fair to argue that the games wouldn't have been quite as good without them.

DKC Returns is the wrong way to do motion controls. It just remaps functions that work much better with buttons (rolling and ground pounding) to an imprecise and cheap shaking motion. It has nothing to do with being lazy or not being able to shake a piece of plastic, it's that the control method is imprecise and works far better another way.

There was another game called DK Jungle Beat that at least used the idea of bongos and/or shaking the wiimote in a creative way, designing the game around this function and making it feel right using that form of control. As a result the game feels better using that control method and doesn't work as well by using a traditional button scheme. DKC Returns isn't like that. It's motion controls feel like they were designed with buttons in mind first but remapped to waggling as a way to shoehorn in motion controls. And as a result, the game's controls suffer. It's not even so much the shaking to ground pound move either, it's the rolling move. The ground pound move still felt cheap with waggle controls, but at least it didn't really require you to be that precise. Having to waggle to roll in a game that requires precision was really a bad implementation of motion controls.

If you like the waggle controls, that's fine. But don't assume other people are being lazy for not liking the waggle controls in the game. I have no problem with motion controls done right and that make a game better and more intuitive. I dislike when they're tacked on in an imprecise manner for an important move requiring precision that works far better using traditional buttons.
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User Info: elsmitty

4 years ago#29
Sosdoc posted...
What if... we have to shake the 3DS to do the same?

shack it and press the button at the same time?
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#30
Gencoil posted...
I can't believe people have such a problem with shaking the Wii remote. "Oh no! I have to move my hand a little! Oh, the agony, the pain of it all!".

to be fair,it could get very grueling in the time trial,but in normal game you don't need to roll much
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