Retail version vs E-Shop version - Pros & Cons

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User Info: GuitarJozz

4 years ago#1
There are a couple games I'm considering, and I wanted to know if there's any differences or anything between getting the E-shop non-physical version or the retail hard copy. Basically I'd like to know the pros and cons...

Two games I'm looking at are Fire Emblem: Awakening and Heroes of Ruin. Right now at least.

A couple questions about the E-Shop version.

1) Is there a limit to how many times you can download the e-shop version? Say if I wanted to eventually get a bigger SD card or perhaps if I wanted to download it to a different 3DS should mine crap out on me, would I still be able to re-download it as many times as I wanted?

2) How big are the games in terms of MB or GB? Or the blocks system the 3DS uses?

3) Is there a noticeable load time difference, or is it the same?

4) Does Nintendo ever have sales on games in the e-shop?

5) Do downloaded games come with a built in instruction manual? Meaning a built in version of whatever you would get with the game if bought at the store?

I am just trying to decide if I should go for a physical copy of the game, or download it from the E-Shop... Played the demo of each mentioned above and they are definitely my kind of game, but I can't decide how to buy

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

User Info: Drac_Mazoku

4 years ago#2
1)Yes, but preferably, do a System Transfer BEFORE you change your 3DS (go read this sticky for anything related to system transfer and SD card upgrades). If you do, then yes, you can download them infinitely on your system.

2)It depends on the game. For Fire Emblem, if I remember right, it was around 8700 Blocks. Which is on the BIG side. Many are way smaller.

3)Totally the same. I compared with many games I owned as retail before I switched to digital only. There's absolutely no difference.

4)They do, sometimes (in fact, they just announced one yesterday), but it happens way less frequently than on other gaming service (like PSN, X-Box Live and Steam)

5)You get a digital manual indeed.
My 3DS digital games collection and slow progression beating it:

User Info: GuitarJozz

4 years ago#3
Thanks man! I'm not planning to change my 3DS anytime soon, but I'll bookmark that link for future reference then anyway.

I think I'm probably going to get Fire Emblem through the E-Shop. I thought Heroes of Ruin was on there too but only the demo is...
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