How many steps have you taken?

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User Info: DeltaProj

4 years ago#1
Just reached 5 million steps on my 3DS (don't judge me). How about you guys? Who still takes their 3DS with them when they go out?
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User Info: TAoR

4 years ago#2
I have 50 steps
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User Info: darkblade1112

4 years ago#3
I have 720,000. I carry it on campus but not when I go other places. School and airports seem to be the only places I can get streetpasses.

User Info: ares9090

4 years ago#4
449,702 steps
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User Info: 3DCrimson

4 years ago#5
1,021,352 Steps since June 22, 2011
3DS FC: 1719-3287-8570

User Info: nooitzben

4 years ago#6
I'm pretty close to 300,00 steps and have the XL since around December 2012
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User Info: AIvinn

4 years ago#7
Had my 3DS since July 2011.
I stopped carrying it around after a while, but now I bring my XL everywhere.

I have 600k step
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User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#8
1.6 million since July 2012, when I got my 3DS back from Nintendo after a repair and all my stuff was reset.

User Info: ScroogeMcNix

4 years ago#9
My fried has over 7 million steps but he walks all over the place in Los Angeles. I have 50 some thousand I think, but I don't walk with it anymore until i get a good case to carry my XL in.
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User Info: NovaNapoleon

4 years ago#10
I have 340,401 steps since May 29,2011

Yes, I always take my 3DS with me when I go out places. I often leave the streetpass feature turned off, however. I usually only turn it on when I think there's a good chance of passing someone else with a 3DS (which doesn't happen very often in my area).
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