A dilemma with game stop about a game.

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User Info: Yojimbooh

4 years ago#11
Quote:So got a game earlier today, I wanted to get the 3ds prof layton game. Well I went in and looked for it used but I only would get it used if they had a box, they had the game but no box, so I bought it new. Well I didn't pay attention when it was bagged cause I was talking to the other clerk(not the one ringing me up) about Fire Emblem.

Well when I got home I was like, wait, I bought this new, but it's not shrink wrapped. Saw the nintendo code was still in there and the pamphlet and all, but I was like, no they didn't. Put the game in and there was a save on it, by the name of adam, one puzzle done... I really got a game that one of the damn employees tried out and sold it to me new.

I live in the country and driving back there is a 2 to 3 hour drive. Should I call in CS? Should I take pictures of the screen with the save? Idk if I should even pursuit trying to get something in return for this at least $10 gift card the difference between the new and used price atm? Idk, sure that guy might be out of a job if i reference the transaction, but then again he did wrong so should I care?


damn, that's stupid since you can't delete save files in Professor Layton, at least you can overwrite it...
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User Info: Squirrelette

4 years ago#12
Same thing has happened to me. That's why I ***never*** buy that "last copy" of a "new" game from there anymore.
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User Info: lanif

4 years ago#13
with all the shady stuff game stop does i won't ever shop there again last thing i ever bought was a ds lite new sealed 5 years ago
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User Info: pomebear

4 years ago#14
This is partly why I'll stick to buying new games online or at other stores. I only ever go to GS now to get accessories or used games that are cheaper there.

Honestly, I'd call customer service and see what they could do.

User Info: keyblader1985

4 years ago#15
I think we should all lodge an official complaint/petition/something to Gamestop to get this changed. (As long as it's kept professional; not just an incoherent ragedump. It's generally hard to take those seriously.) Even those who aren't Gamestop haters have to admit that this is bullcrap. I have very few bad experiences with Gamestop, but this has always annoyed me. (But it's never happened to me when I buy new there - my games have always still been shrink wrapped.)
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