Professor Layton: The Miracle Mask Play Coins?

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User Info: Trevor_Belmont

4 years ago#1
I just got Professor Layton: The Miracle Mask yesterday for $15 from Best Buy does this game use Play Coins and if so how?
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Final Fantasy2389 4 years ago#3
I just got it yesterday as well. This would be most interesting to know!

EDIT: You could see if there's anything in the manual btw. I will when I'm home if this topic hasn't been answered.
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User Info: nintendogger

4 years ago#4
I don't believe it makes use of the play coin system.

Layton continues to use in-game hint coins and collects picarats.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

4 years ago#5
You can use coins to buy profile card icons / designs
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User Info: jg9350

4 years ago#6

I'e never heard about this =o Let me try it....
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