I Hate the 3DS

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User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#71
This is TC:
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User Info: Omega_Black

4 years ago#72
MetalLoki posted...
tellko53 posted...
i hate 3ds aswell, but for different reasons

And what better place to hate something then a board about it. I hate the color purple so I should go to a purple fan club and tell everyone I hate it cause that's totes not a loser move >_>

This is a general discussion board, not a fan club.
Don't be such a fan troll, lol.
Go where the games are...
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User Info: BrokenBandit84

4 years ago#73
"I Hate the 3DS"

Well I hate you! :D

User Info: retrogamer28

4 years ago#74
So, you would like to play a gba sp rather than a 3ds, because the 3ds screen is to small? Dude, the 3ds has a larger screen than the gba sp, you're logic makes no sense what do ever.

User Info: Fishbulb

4 years ago#75
The 3DS build quality is terrible compared to Nintendo's past Handhelds. GBA-SP is probably the best they've ever done.

Music has gotten worse too. Damn kids and their auto-tune.

and Movies... don't get me started. Back in the day we didn't have any fancy CGI that made everything look like plastic.

TV? Sure the picture didn't look great, but they were built like bricks compared to the thin and cheap HDTVs of today.

Sports too! Lebron and Crosby don't compare to Gretzky and Jordan.

do I need to continue?
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User Info: bleedingelite

4 years ago#76
Huh, I have a 3ds xl and there's nothing about it that seems flimsy or cheaply made to me.
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