Pokemon Card Games?

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User Info: Akiba69

4 years ago#1
I was wondering if there are any pokemon card battle games around or if there are plans for any to be released? I don't remember ever seeing one on a console or handheld unlike those yugioh and magic the gathering games, which there seem to be a buttload of.

User Info: DSplayer50

4 years ago#2
There were two on the Gameboy Color back in the day. Although the second one was never brought to the US. The first one was awesome though.
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User Info: Akiba69

4 years ago#3
That's a shame. It would probably get quite a few sales i imagine.

User Info: Hejiru

4 years ago#4
They have an online version of the game or something now, I think.
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User Info: Fayceless

4 years ago#5
Find a copy of Pokemon Trading Card Game for Game Boy Color if you can! I still go back and play it every so often.

User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#6
Well, there's "Pokemon Trading Card Game: How to Play DS". Unfortunately, that's only a tutorial.
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User Info: TeamBelmont91

4 years ago#7
Making yourself "The official _____ of the ___ board" isn't giving you any bonus points, bub. Stop kidding yourself.

User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#8
I suppose a fully featured Pokemon card game on 3DS with online and everything would cut into the trading card business? Are Pokemon cards even a thing still?

I think a Pokemon card game set up in a similar way to the RPGs would be pretty cool. Instead of trainers you'd battle collectors... instead of random battles in the wild you'd take on part time jobs (different mini-games) to earn money for booster packs... there'd be tournaments, a story, lots of NPCs and cities....

User Info: OoSubaruoO

4 years ago#9
TeamBelmont91 posted...

Was this supposed to be funny?
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