''Oh, Yay, Another Mario Game.'' Step up to Playstation 2/20"

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User Info: Justice_Apollo

4 years ago#31
thompsontalker7 posted...
kuragari1anonly posted...
Owns both handhelds master race

And while I've been playing my 3DS more, it's only because I'm taking a break from my 85 hour Persona 4 Golden playthrough.

You're basically saying you've ever only spent 85 hours in your Vita at all.
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User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#32
thompsontalker7 posted...
Nah seriously, finish P4G beforehand, you'll feel better about yourself when you can move on to FE:A

Yeah this. I'm glad I finished P4:G when I did, especially now that this huge wave of 3DS games is coming up.
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User Info: sonic_brawler95

4 years ago#33
Now, I like Sony, but I'm sure they are just going to announce another Killzone/LBP/Uncharted/GoW game for the PS4. :|
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User Info: JustPlainEvil

4 years ago#34
great ad for a company that can't even properly advertise its own portable correctly and then claim their outlook is on track.
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User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#35
grans posted...
From: OoSubaruoO | #006
Wait, Sony actually tweeted this?

I guess so. Not much different from their past tactics actually. Classless as usual of course. I don't have anything against Sony's systems or games at all for the record, I adore the PS1 and PS2 in particular (some of my favorites). Their attitude in marketing however stinks and tends to be incredibly juvenile. Reminds me of Sega's old ads. But hey, it only reduces their potential sales so it's their problem.

From: Bahamut_10th | #015
I'm surprised american representatives actually let their marketting team trashtalk competitors.

Even in my country that is considered unethical.

Aye. I actually don't think the Japanese division pulls this sort of tactic as much either.

It's also a dumb business tactic to toss out slights at the competion's audience's tastes. Not just because it's rude and uncalled for, but it can drive away customers on that side that might have bought a Sony system as well as a Nintendo one. Nintendo has generally been smart enough to avoid this tactic, at least in this day and age. They tried vaguely to participate in it during the SNES era but they figured out for themselves that tactics like that don't work and are bad for business in the long term.

It's games and substance that drive the business, not marketing words comparable to immature political mud slinging ads. If you have the substance to compete legitimately, then you don't need the mud slinging. In fact, the mud slinging only hurts you as a company whether you have games to back you up or not. No one likes a sore loser OR a sore winner, they both make your situation worse .


User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#36
kuragari1anonly posted...
Owns both handhelds master race

Mah boi this peace is what all true gamers strive for.

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User Info: grans

4 years ago#37
All fanbases have their trolls and asses, Nintendo included. It just doesn't help the situation when Sony themselves constantly feed and justify that kind of immature and rude behavior. By flaming the competition and its customers and effectively goading their own fanbase into doing the same to the opposing fanbase. Companies lead by example, Sony's examples of how to respond to the competition and it's customers breed unhealthy and irrational troll behavior within its fanbase. The more a company feeds that kind of thinking, the worse the trolls in the fanbase are going to multiply. I'll leave this by saying that no you're not a troll if you're a Sony fan at all. I'm referring to trolls within the fanbase and how Sony is trying to breed and rally more of them with statements like this. Fanbases have plenty of asses in them without the company itself feeding this nonsense. Nintendo did this once themselves briefly during the SNES era, and I feel the same way about that (they eventually learned and stopped).

And once again, what Sony is doing is a mind-blowingly foolish business practice. It defies all sense of reason and business smarts to try to antagonize potential customers. It was a business practice done during the 90's by game companies and it was scrapped by most of them for very good reasons, and they're looked back on today with amusement and derision (especially Atari's Jaguar commercials which treated their potential customers like morons). If you treat the competition and its customers with respect and give them actual GOOD reasons to become YOUR customers as well (like games), they're far more likely to want to buy your products than insulting them and their tastes in games. That kind of marketing drives people away that could have been potential customers. And hell it can make even your own rational fans be ashamed of you. There's a reason Nintendo doesn't do it in general, and what do you know? It worked out pretty damn well.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: moogle69

4 years ago#38
sony fanboys must be enjoying themselves and feeling mightier than ever.
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User Info: serenade_beta

4 years ago#39
Mario crushes anything Sony has with one hand, in his non-mushroom small form.
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User Info: DeathSnipe777

4 years ago#40
From: pikachupwnage | #002
Begun the console wars have.
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