My Gamestop says Fire Emblem stock won't come 'til March.

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User Info: biorock4864

4 years ago#31
I had no luck in finding the game but then went to do some late night shopping at walmart and went to the game section just to browser to see if they had it and they had one last copy pick it felt pretty lucky after that made my night.
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User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#32
You're a pleb if you buy it from GameStop.
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User Info: t41tGjr

4 years ago#33
Apac4245 posted...
MrKunio posted...
You gotta preorder. It ensures your store gets shipped a copy reserved for you. Might also have to do with how many copies of the physical game are being manufactured.

They cant estimate how many of these niche games are gonna sell, so theyre not gonna take the chance at ordering 20 copies because they didnt think they could sell 20 copies. Its hit or miss. In this case, they could have made more money if they had ordered more.

The store itself has to buy the game from the manufacturer to sell to you, they probably get the games at 1/2-3/4s the cost that we pay to them for the game. Its how they make money. In cases like this, where the highest chance of sale is preorder only, theyre probably not getting a good price for the game and not going to expect a big profit off this title.

If it were halo, or call of duty they could order 45 copies of the game and sell em all in a few days no problem, all over the country.

This is typically true for niche games like you mentioned. But the stores I have talked to (here in Chicago IL) did not even get enough copies to fill the pre-orders.

I've had a similar issue with gamestop in the past and it has lead me to never pre-order, or shop at gamestop often for that matter. I remember when Gears of War 1 first came out I had it reserved but something occurred with the shipment of the game. GS said they weren't gonna get it for almost a week. Walked into Best Buy and there were 30 of them on a front case.

Anyway before I digress too much, a lot of stores didn't even get enough copies to fill their pre-orders.

They didn't even have enough to give to me and I came at openning with 5 other people. They all ran in and stomped on me. I politely went away for the day with nothing.
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User Info: Evonfire

4 years ago#34
KaitaNuva posted...
Bestbuy had some in stock the past week. I recently ordered from them and currently have one shipped out on the way to my house. :)

This. Feb 20th can't get here soon enough :)

Also ordered paper mario for $20 and Pokemon Black 2 for $15 from Best Buy. Paid full price for FE:A though, seemed worth it and I hope I don't come to regret that decision.
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User Info: teamaquashock

4 years ago#35
A lot of lucky people here... I think I'm just gonna hold out for a while and buy it at the same time as Monster Hunter. Those are the games I'm waiting for, along with Animal Crossing.
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User Info: MadDewg

4 years ago#36
I was able to pre-order on january 30th at gamestop (there was a short time frame this day where gamestop was accepting online pre-orders, which was pointed out by a awesome user on the fire emblem awakening boards. This only lasted for like a hour, but it was just enough for me to quickly pre-order for a in-store pick up), walk into my rinky dink gamestop in south carolina on the 6th, and walk out with my copy and artbook no problem. Apparently only me and one other guy pre-ordered there since they only got two copies in that day.

I admit I got hella lucky for being able to pre-order on the 30th and still get the physical copy two days after release.
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User Info: 493pkmmkp

4 years ago#37
I ordered FE:A from Amazon on Tuesday the 12th while they were temporarily out of stock (Still says it) with free two-day shipping. Even though it said they were out of stock, my copy was shipped the next day and arrived on Friday the 15th. Maybe you can try it from them and hope they ship it like they did me?

User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#38
teamaquashock posted...
A lot of lucky people here... I think I'm just gonna hold out for a while and buy it at the same time as Monster Hunter. Those are the games I'm waiting for, along with Animal Crossing.

B2G1 free. each game will cost you $26.66 each before taxes! :). not a bad idea to consider! :D.
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