Other n64 games on 3ds?

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User Info: fzeroman13

4 years ago#11
F-Zero X in 3D WooOooooOooOoo

User Info: rizsparky

4 years ago#12
fzeroman13 posted...
F-Zero X in 3D WooOooooOooOoo

Strong username to post ratio
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User Info: Tweedsiders

4 years ago#13
I would LOVE it if donkey kong 64 got on the 3ds, it was and still is the best n64 game i've ever played. IMO.

Other ones i'd like to see

banjo tooie

I cant see a super smash bros 64 remake on the 3ds with a new smash bros coming out for it as well, maybe on the 3DS virtual console?
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User Info: grans

4 years ago#14
I'm actually a fan of Donkey Kong 64, despite its flaws and sometimes annoying color coded collectibles. But from what it seems, Nintnedo doesn't want anything to do with it or Rareware anymore. They've yet to release it on the Wii's Virtual Console even after Rare confirmed multiple times that they have every right to do so and are clueless as to why it's not already on there.

I don't know but it just seems like Nintendo is trying to distance itself from Rare even further than they already were. There were a couple of DS games by Rare but I'm not holding out hope of there being any more Rare games on Nintendo systems anymore.

I hope Retro works on more DKC games in the future though. Returns was awesome and I'd like to see even more. The level design particularly kicks ass. Would be nice to see some graphical and atmospheric elements come back from the classic games, but keep making awesome new level design.

They might bring over Majora's Mask eventually.
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User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#15
Arsene-Lupin posted...
I really hated Mario 64 and, even moreso, DK64.

It's weird. I love all the Mario and DK games that came before, and after... but those two... not even one iota.

I really enjoyed SM64, I felt like it was the best step towards 3D that they could have taken, allowing you to complete various missions in multiple ways and to me, it felt like an actual Mario game. DK64 however... Didn't really feel like Donkey Kong, but more like some amalgam of every other Rare game that came out around that time, with just waaaay too many collectibles. Parts of the game are very fun, I think the factory was the best stage because of how smartly it was set up, but the rest of the game after that stage feels like they just threw together as much s*** as they could in a level to make it "fun." I still think it's a good game, but it could have been so much better. Banjo-Kazooie still holds the spot as my favorite platformer/collect the shiny things game ever.
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