Recent 3DS ND vs recent Wii U ND

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User Info: detchibe

4 years ago#1
A mate of mine said the recent Year of Luigi Nintendo Direct was probably the best ND yet... I couldn't help but shake my head. It's weird he says he loves Nintendo but it's like he sniffs his nose up at anything that isn't Mario, Luigi or a popular Nintendo franchise. It was a great ND though, yes, but he knows I'm a big fan of Monolith Soft so he should know that I wouldn't necessarily agree that Year of Luigi was the best ND. I've pre-ordered Luigi's Mansion 2 though, I can't wait for it. (psyched for M&L and DK3D too). I recommended Kid Icarus Uprising to him ages back when I bought it yet he never played it or bought it, the only 3 retail games he owns is Mario. We played through Xenoblade together but he didn't see the last half of it and now it's like he's almost forgotten about the game, he doesn't remember any of it. it's weird. Perhaps he's slowed down as a gamer?

But anyway, your thoughts? What was your favourite ND?

User Info: ObtuseAngina

4 years ago#2
The last Nintendo direct wasn't a 3DS one, it had some stuff in it about Wii U
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User Info: MetalLoki

4 years ago#3
The one that had SMT x FE.
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