Resident Evil or Super Mario 3D Land?

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User Info: GaMeFr33k

4 years ago#1
RE:R is only $20 now and SML is still $35 (pre-owned prices), so RE wins there.

Other than that, what game is longer? Which one has better replayability? And overall, which game is more fun? I enjoy both series equally, obviously one is light hearted and one is horror.

I heard both have great 3D visuals in them as well.
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User Info: brainfreeze10

4 years ago#2
I'm the same as you, in that I like both of those series equally, and to me both of these games are equal in about every way. They're both 9-9.5 to me, I have about the same amount of time spent on each in my 3DS Activity Log (Resident Evil is much longer to 100% everything once, but SM3DL is incredibly replayable), and I had about the same amount of fun with each one over all.

One thing to consider though, is that Resident Evil has a console port coming out, meaning there's not much of an online community left. So if you have one of the major consoles I'd get Super Mario 3D Land now and benefit off of all of the console port's added features later (along with, presumably, an active community). But if you don't you should definitely grab Resident Evil as soon as you can and try to finish the online before the ports release, and then pick up Mario whenever.

BUT that's just my opinion. Hope I could help.
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User Info: Mariofan15

4 years ago#3
Revelations easily has more replayability thanks to Raid Mode.
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