Still not getting any street passes in the suburbs

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User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#11
I am a student and I only rarely get streetpasses. In the year I've been going to school, I have received a total of three distinct streetpasses. No repeat visitors ever. As my current 3DS is a warranty replacement, I can name every streetpass I've got on it since July of 2012. There's my brother, for whom I bought an XL about two weeks ago. There are two from display units when we drove the 100 miles to the nearest so called 'city' because I wanted to buy some gosh darned Levis jeans. Three total across two semesters at school. One from my local independent video game retailer. One from a biker bar. Several from my California friend while he was visiting me on vacation, and one from a cousin who was driving across country, and we intercepted his family in a town about 100 miles north.
If we count my 3DS before warranty, then we can add six more streetpasses, half of which came from a vacation to California.
The thing is, it's just that people aren't doing there part and bringing their 3DS with them everywhere they go. Blame your neighbors for leaving their video games off and at home!

User Info: KABloodySun

4 years ago#12
At my University (ASU), I usually get around 8-12 streetpasses per day. About half of them are regulars.

At the grocery store I work at, I usually get 0-2 per day.

In my neighborhood where I live I have yet to ever get one.

At least the good news is it will only get better with time. More and more people every day are buying a 3DS.
Gamertag: A Critic
3DS FC:0516-7436-5160
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