Which is preferred? Standard or XL?

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User Info: Onipaladin

4 years ago#1
I remember when the DSi XL came out it stretched the screen out a bit and some games didn't look as good.

Is this the case with the XL? I was thinking of purchasing this as a gift...
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User Info: BobbyGoticks

4 years ago#2
XL i think
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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#3
I love my regular 3DS, but I'm going to get an XL for Super Smash Brothers.

It will be kind of difficult to track all that chaos on the regular screen, but the XL should be perfect for it.

I'm hoping for a Smash Brothers Edition.

User Info: Rez429

4 years ago#4
Having had the 3ds since launch, and now having an XL for a few months I can't go back to the original. Sure the picture isn't as sharp, and the sound from the speaker are little quiet compared. Beyond that though it is a far better experience with the, XL.

User Info: zavlinz

4 years ago#5
Try to test them in a store if you can TC. Thats the only way you'll know for sure which is more comfortable to hold.

User Info: _Shikoba_

4 years ago#6
I got a regular shortly after launch. When the XLs came out I sold my regular for the XL and have not regretted it once. I don't think I could go back to the tiny screens of the regular. I really like the bigger screens, even if they arn't as sharp.
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