Where to begin in playing RPG's?

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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#21
It really depends on what kind of games you like. There's a LOT of different types of RPGs out there, and they are normally broken into two groups.

JRPG - Based off of visual novels (which are based off of anime). These are story based games with RPG elements.

WRPG - Western RPGs that are more like "actual" RPGs. They normally focus less on story, and more on open worlds/customization.

Now this doesn't mean that JRPGs and WRPGs wont barrow elements from each other, but that's how the games normally are.

On top of all of that, you've got turn based games, action games, and strategy/tactical games as well. Turn based games are more based around taking your time, planning out your attacks, and watching; while action based games are based around attack combos, and play more like beat em ups/fighting games. Tactical RPGs are like Fire Emblem, and they're based around moving units around a map.

Games like Tales of the Abyss are action RPGs (TotA actually plays a lot like a 2.5D fighter), Fire Emblem (like I said) is your tactical RPG, and games like Final Fantasy and Pokemon are your turn based games. Don't expect to see any WRPGs on the 3DS though.

Sometimes these styles get mixed together though. Games like Xenoblade Chronicles feature a HUGE open world with a LOT of customization just like in a WRPG (even though its a JRPG), and while the game takes place in real time, the attacks have a cool down rate which makes the game somewhat turn based as well. I mean there's a limit to how often you can attack, and your enemies can attack, and you've got to wait before you can make your next real move.
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User Info: Ghetsis

4 years ago#22
Why on earth hasn't Chrono Trigger been mentioned yet?
For those players who don't speak Australian, we have provided an English translation of the previous scene. Do you want to replay the scene?
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