If you are no longer a Pokemon fan...

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User Info: HerPanda

4 years ago#31
I don't buy the games anymore, but I still love Pokemon for what is was.

I'm no longer a "fan" because the designs aren't as interesting to me anymore. The main draw for me was collecting all of the Pokemon I liked. That number has dropped each generation. After not liking newer designs (and losing a HUGE portion of the gameplay I enjoyed, catching/training Pokemon I personally liked), I started to see how much I didn't enjoy the "actual" gameplay. I actually played Gen 5, but there were only a handful (6) Pokemon who I thought were cool, and I sold the game off before I even found all six.

That, and none of my friends play Pokemon "for fun" anymore. No one plays just to create a team of Pokemon they think are cool and battle for fun with the teams that we built. Nowadays, anyone I know who plays Pokemon plays competitively. It's not about picking Pokes they like, it's about stats, strategy, and grinding/hacking.

That's not why I was a Pokemon fan, and it's why I don't play them anymore.

User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#32
Always liked Pokemon, always will.
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User Info: Zero_Maniac

4 years ago#33
I was a fan of Pokemon for like 2 generations. III and IV. After IV, I just got tired of hearing about it. My friends stopped playing it, and the people I knew who did still play it got VERY competitive. Some competition is fine, but these people were investing every ounce of free time into Pokemon. I didn't feel like following suit just so I could enjoy a game.

My brother still likes Pokemon for some reason however, but even he doesn't bring it up that often. What I dislike about the game itself is the gameplay in general. You collect all the Pokemon you can, but for what? To aid a friggen professor in his research and beat the Elite Four and the main antagonist? The plot has never been spectacular IMO, the graphics while not important were never cutting-edge, and I just dislike the demeanor of Pokemon overall.


There are a lot of reasons as to why I dislike Pokemon.
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User Info: Puddingchan

4 years ago#34
Not into Pokemon as I was before when I was much younger. They keep adding so many that I don't even bother to keep track. I only take those I like. Nothing much has been revolutionary enough to sustain my interest in this series for long nowadays.

They keep adding new worlds but forgot to let revisit the old world. They made the Unova region, and so what? After I beat the game, I can't even revisit the older regions that I had been fond of and see what new stuff happens there. That was the charm of Gold/Silver/Crystal, which unfortunately has been lost ever since they keep making new games.

And they need to make epic anime like what they did for Pokemon BW2 promotion. I feel bored watching the anime style that has stuck on for years. Pokemon really deserves so much more.

The fact that they made one of the (normal-type) Pokemon I like one of the weakest in the entire game will always be something I keep in mind. Not all Pokemon are created equal but they should at least give it an advantage over something at the very least.

User Info: DeathSnipe777

4 years ago#35
I'll be a fan forever. I started being one when Red and Blue first came stateside, but my favorite gen is Gen II because of all the amazing memories I have associated with playing it.
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User Info: solidsnake0928

4 years ago#36
I quit after the 4th Gen. I just didn't think Gen V looked all that great, but I may try X and Y. Not sure yet.
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User Info: dezmomo

4 years ago#37
CressDXX posted...
after gen 2.
Now the pokemon looks so ugly, its like the designer lost the charm.

I can't stand this. Can't people just admit that it is their opinion?
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User Info: Bahamut_10th

4 years ago#38
To be honest, after -trying- to play Pokémon Black I'd say I'm more of a fan of the anime than game series...

Well, I still like Gen I~IV games. But V disappointed me in many ways.

User Info: HerPanda

4 years ago#39
dezmomo posted...
CressDXX posted...
after gen 2.
Now the pokemon looks so ugly, its like the designer lost the charm.

I can't stand this. Can't people just admit that it is their opinion?

You can always imagine the "IMO" or "I think" wherever it needs to be. It's usually just implied, especially in a thread that asks for opinions like this one.

User Info: DoctorCrabMD

4 years ago#40
I only liked Red / Blue. I tried playing Black but the character designs look so "kiddy" it really turned me off.
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