What u guys think of the Castlevania demo?

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User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#21
I reserved my copy back in July. I wonder when we yankees will get the demo.
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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#22
andrea987 posted...
It was a nice surprise, good graphics (didn't notice framerate probs, so they can't be that bad) and excellent gameplay. I only think the controls are at times not too responsive, has anyone else noticed it? A buy for me, nonetheless. Loved the boss battle, btw.

It is based of the e3 build they said awhile ago so the issues are likely not in the final product

User Info: MisterSpliff

4 years ago#23
Neo1661 posted...
Fantastic graphics and good combat but terrible framerate and really floaty.

EDIT: Your character looks jaggy from a distance.

Unacceptable. What where they thinking? Shoulda stuck with 2D for a sidescrolling CV.

Hopefully an HD port comes with 60 fps.
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User Info: PinkyHaLa

4 years ago#24
Anyone who says they couldn't notice any frame rate problems needs to get their eyes checked.

It's okay. Reminds me a lot of god of war in terms of combat.
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  3. What u guys think of the Castlevania demo?

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