C/D I want a Tales of game made for the 3DS

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User Info: telocaster

4 years ago#1

Make it happen Namco
Remembers when video games were about having fun

User Info: Carbuncle009

4 years ago#2
*points to Abyss*

But C.
Can I put my Onix in your Cloyster? Yes: 7 No: 4 Maybe: 2
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User Info: keyblader1985

4 years ago#3
How the hell do I know what you want?
You only need one T-Rex to make the point, though. ~ Samus Sedai

User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#4
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Going to go a year without playing 3DS. Started 1/14/13. Ended 1/14/13

User Info: yab

4 years ago#5
C, you want one (apparently)

User Info: MrFwibbles

4 years ago#6
C, you answered the question in your post
DLC, online passes and the rise of casual budget gaming have ruined the video game industry.
C: I would love a port of symphonia (I've never played it because I don't have a gamecube/wii) and think after Abyss it would be doable.

I still don't really understand why they never localized Hearts/Innocence for ds.

User Info: bcornelia

4 years ago#8
I can personally confirm that you want a Tales game made for the 3DS.
This is an elite pirate

User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#9
keyblader1985 posted...
How the hell do I know what you want?

Jirachi is the best pokemon
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User Info: Tempest717

4 years ago#10
D, you're lying to us.
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