I often feel I'm not using the 3d more than I should be

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User Info: Cross_slash101

4 years ago#1
I'm not that big on the 3d (don't get me wrong it works well, I just don't like it) and in games like 3d land where I should be playing in 3d, I don't turn it on. I guess what I'm trying to say is there others like me who aren't big on the 3d.

P.S. I'm sorry in advance if this topic has been done before but I don't fequent this broad much
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User Info: kyiori

4 years ago#2
Doesn't matter, play the way you prefer. It seems like it's the games that attracted you to the system, nothing wrong with playing it with 3D off.
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User Info: ferofax

4 years ago#3
Yep, it's normal, there are lots of people like that. Personally, I don't play with 3D off, but then again that's just how I like it.
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User Info: Tortus2

4 years ago#4
Don't worry. I can't even see 3D anyway, so I always have the 3D off.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#5
I always have it on. I love it. In a game like EOIV I love the layering effect it has. I'm disappointed DS:SH is getting the same treatment as DS:O. I saw the attacks from the older version and those attack would look great in 3d

The only way I have it off if the game wants me to move the system around(try playing MK7 using the gyro controls in 3d) or in a bumpy ride..
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User Info: marioparty17

4 years ago#6
You have to have games that support the best 3d ingame, eg LOZOoT, 3Dland, the monster hunter demo,ete
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User Info: Apac4245

4 years ago#7
I leave mine on but honestly I feel that it is really just a gimmick. 3D has been around since the 1950's. It always goes away and then comes back again every 10 years or so. This latest time it seems to have stayed for a while longer at least to the point where nintendo released a system around it. I think even nintendo has gotten away from it a little. The bottom line is great games make a great system NOT great hardware or gimmicky stuff. If you like the games that are out play them the way you want to play them.

User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#8
Ikachan used the 3D almost perfectly. Even though the tile designs were different and can be found without 3D, the 3D made it so you can see the secret pathways. It been more better if they made the tiles all the same.
Not much of potato he said but potato he wrote.

User Info: EM_Mega

4 years ago#9
I NEVER use the 3D personally. It looks jarring at best to my eyes, and makes me put down the handheld after an hour with a searing headache.
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  3. I often feel I'm not using the 3d more than I should be

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