Overall, Which N64 Zelda Games Did You Like Better?

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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#41
Sorry i'm just in a bad mood today.
it's hard to explain but i'm going by the ability to explore on foot puzzle solving character development and plot

ww in example had two of those but the overworld pissed me off. and the puzzles while good weren't as good as the some others.

four swords is another example it has good puzzles but your not really allowed to explore outside the dungeons no real plot or character development.

Skyward sword is like ww but with an even worse overworld terrible(imo) motion controls and the save system is utter bs. the plot seems to rehash too much especially tp's plot(which was already rehashy) the only character that gets any development is groose,imo
i will say incorporating puzzles in to the overworld is genis. if the entire game was like that i would rank it much higher.

i can explain everyone of my choices.
I'll give you one last example before i leave though.
LADX pros:puzzles in the over world
great in dungeon puzzles actual a decent story(and it's nice not see save the princess bs)
cons:no real character development
the fast travel system isn't very good
(even with warps and the flute it takes too long to reach areas)
the dungeons get more boring over time.
to the point where the final dungeon is just a hallway that acts like the lost woods(go the right way or start over) but with no enemies.
in other words the early dungeons were good but the latter dungeons(basically starting with 5,imo) get worse and worse
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User Info: xIvan321

4 years ago#42
I just don't like Ocarina of Time. Its been ported way too many times and a bunch of magazines will say that this is best game in ages which makes me say... really? I don't find it that appealing, but its an okay game to me. I like other Zelda games more and few of those actually have really great plots.
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User Info: Halladay32

4 years ago#43
Not a big fan of either, but I'll say OoT. I've never played past the second dungeon in MM, so maybe I'd like it better if I played more of it -- but it's obviously not a good sign when a game doesn't keep my interest enough that I stop playing it midway through.
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User Info: Mxylbobator

4 years ago#44
OoT is definitely the better game. MM was a joke.
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User Info: Ame_no_Murakumo

4 years ago#45
Ocarina of Time. Majora's Mask is probably the only Zelda I've played that I didn't like.
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User Info: theGirlyGamer

4 years ago#46
It's close, but Majora's Mask wins my vote. For main story, I probably liked OoT more, but Majora's Mask just had so much going on in the world that I had done tons of things before I even felt like I touched the main story. And I found myself caring a lot more about Clock Town than I ever did about the kingdom of Hyrule.
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