How many of you guys/gals here bring your 3ds xl to work and play it?

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User Info: Kamil

4 years ago#51
I'm using my 3ds at work on lunch to post this message. There really isn't enough time to play games or at least I wouldn't want to go back to working hehehe
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User Info: nimerjm37

4 years ago#52
confettistorm posted...
90sRetroGaming posted...
MortalDanger posted...
I bring it in my car for street passes. I could play it at work, with all the down time we have, but for my reputation. I mean...I don't want just anyone to know I play HM or Pokemon, etc. yea...

lol, what do your friends do on their down time?. better yet what do YOU think they do on their down time AWAY from work?.

Gaming still carries with it a very inconvenient stereotype if you want to be serious with a career. Despite all the ideas of being free as an adult, if you want to get ahead, you'd best not even leave a trace that you are into gaming. 99% of the time your superiors will not be into a hobby and as incorrect and misguided as their opinion might be, they will instantly label you as immature and lazy.

Do I think this is sucks. For sure. Do I want to risk sacrificing everything I've worked for to prove a point. No.

Yeah.... no. You sound like the people who say you'll never get a decent job if you have tattoos. Guess what? I've got nearly 20 tattoos - with one being a full sleeve - and everyone I work with knows about them. They also all know I play games. I bring either my 3DS or PS Vita to work with me every single day, and everyone also knows I've been writing game reviews for a website or two as a side job for nearly seven years now.

Oh, so the confirmed gamer with tons of tattoos has a career... Bet it sucks, right? Minimum wage, right? Wrong. I actually work in the development department at a private school and make a very decent living for myself, my wife and our soon-to-be-born first daughter. VERY decent.

So here's what you should take away from this: No one cares what you do or what you look like so long as you are educated. Grow up, get a degree or three and get out there. Find a career that you love and make every day better than the last. And never leave your handhelds at home for fear of what others think. Check my sig for more info.
I often wonder why the people most concerned with maturity are usually the most immature among us, don't you?
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  3. How many of you guys/gals here bring your 3ds xl to work and play it?

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