How do games on the 3ds XL look?

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User Info: Siveria

4 years ago#1
I am currently debating on getting a normal 3ds or the 3ds xl, but I been hearing mixed reviews on how the games look on the xl compared to on thenormal one. How bad is it? heard everything from colors being badly washed out on the XL, ro char models becoming massivly pixelated, to the games looking unplayable. I am talking 2d mode here, I have no plans to play the games in 3d. Personally if the system didn;'t have 3d functionality I bet here would be alot more games on it. its just unneeded fluff that devolopers seem to not wanna be bothered to code for it.

User Info: TAoR

4 years ago#2
They look fine to me.

And Nintendo said a while ago that 3D is optional for devs
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User Info: crimsonclaw111

4 years ago#3
Games look fine, if not better imo. A bit more jagged but I like the wider view. System design is way better too.
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User Info: zelda_king3

4 years ago#4
The resolution on the 3DS XL is the same as the original 3DS, but stretched to fit to the improved screen size. You may think that this may result in blurry or more stretched visuals, but this is not true due to the fact that the 3DS XL screens have a higher pixel per density to hide the artifacts caused by the stretching.

What you may find is that some 2D visuals look slightly stretched looking if you compare the original 3DS and the XL due to the larger screen, but it doesn't make them worse looking. I'd say go for the XL if you wish to sacrifice portability for larger screens, improved battery life, and a matte finish. The XL made a huge difference for when I play Monster Hunter and Kid Icarus Uprising. Plus, the DS mode on the XL when you play your DS games looks even better than the original 3DS.
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User Info: Siveria

4 years ago#5
Ok I'm sold, I mostly sit on my bed with the 3ds plugged in, I play my psp and nds the same way. Since I've never played the 3ds i'll probally not really notice anything wrong.
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