Back-up or re-download games?

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User Info: auronrenouille

4 years ago#1
I have been buying a lot of eShop games because I like not having to carry games with me, particularly games that I want to play a little bit each day. However, I travel a lot so it's subjected to, well, travel - someday when I go through TSA a backpack will be dropped on my 3DS XL or some other harm that I can't even anticipate yet. I consider that a cost of doing business for me.

But - is there *any* way to back up the games themselves or re-download them in the event that my 3DS XL gets run over by a bus or falls out of a plane or some other slapstick comedy outcome? I've heard different things on this and am trying to find out with some certainty. I have been downloading everything that I do download (about half of my game collection) through Club Nintendo to make sure I get points, would still have the check card used to do said downloads, etc. etc. Kind of a concern of mine as I know that I can re-download all of my PS3/PSP/360 software to a new system - it hadn't occurred to me that I couldn't re-download the 3DS eShop purchases to a new one if the old one is damaged/destroyed/lost.

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User Info: zavlinz

4 years ago#2
In the event that your system gets run over a bus, you'll have to talk to nintendo, because your sd card is locked to your system. (they would likely help you).
You can still make backups though, for your save data and in case just your sd card gets run over by a bus. Just put your sd card into a computer and copy all of the contents into a folder.
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