Whats the most you've ever paid for a game?

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User Info: StarmanJunior

4 years ago#1
Some of the rare titles command some pretty ridiculous prices. I'd say the most expensive one I purchased was Mega Man X3, which was yesterday, at $186. Last year it was 110 and I figured I'd wait it out, but I guess I shouldn't have done that.

Other high priced games I've bought were Dracula X, Mega Man 7, and the Dragon Warrior games, but nothing that high.

How bout you?
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User Info: Empiror

4 years ago#2

That's it
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User Info: melchiahdim

4 years ago#3
60 dollars. I don't pay more than full retail. Even for a rare game.
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User Info: ObtuseAngina

4 years ago#4
damnit, i sold my copy of Mega Man X3 last year for 90..... :(
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User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#5
The most I ever spent on a game was 80$ for the special edition of Skyrim that came with the Alduin statue.
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User Info: cironen

4 years ago#6
I found Mega Man X3 for $45 last year and didnt buy it, I feel like an idiot...
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#7
if buying a console to play a game counts,400 something thats how much i paid for a 360+tales of vesperia
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User Info: Kureno

4 years ago#8
Off-hand, I remember spending $85-ish on Tactics Ogre + strat guide for PSX a few years ago. I think that was the most I spent on a game (that I can remember right now). I spent 60-70 on PSO+ as well, but collector versions of new games cost that nowadays.

I sold Tactics Ogre later for $120 once the PSP one came out. I saw a complete Digimon DS collection complete on Amazon for $135, and I almost bit to replace my old copies of DS and Dawn.
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User Info: Silentdaze

4 years ago#9
Just paid $80 for a used Xenoblade copy. Well worth it.
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User Info: poopfeasts420

4 years ago#10
I spent $100 on the Skyrim limited edition when it was on sale (the one with the dragon statue)
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