Regular 3DS worth it?

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User Info: Rolling_Zep

4 years ago#1
I can buy a 3DS for $125 used and it comes with 3 games ( Mario land, RE:Merc, KH: 3D). The system is in great condition but idk if I should buy this or an XL. Is the bigger screen that much better?

User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#2
I actually like my classic 3DS more than the XL. I am insane, but those are unrelated.
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The 3DS and PSVita are both outstanding systems. Wally the Equality Weasel says so.

User Info: Nickcool1996

4 years ago#3
That's an excellent deal. Accept it!

User Info: Makeveli_lives

4 years ago#4
Great deal honestly. And with those games, you'd get at least 50 bucks trading in/selling online to put towards other games if you don't like them.
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User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#5
Not a good deal imho, TC (two of those games are crap and you can get used 3DS's for cheaper if you shop around)... Get an XL, buy Luigi's Mansion when it comes out, and you can get Mario 3D Land for free. If you can find a Mario Kart bundle you'll have that too.

User Info: Rolling_Zep

4 years ago#6
Well i'm mostly buying this for monster hunter tri, and i've been really wanting to play KH so I guess I'm going to buy it thanks for the feed back guys.

User Info: Duce

4 years ago#7
I also prefer the regular 3DS sharper screen better sound and more portable.

User Info: mcnichoj

4 years ago#8
The price kind of justifies it but the screen and battery power of the XL are so much better.
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User Info: PikachuMittins

4 years ago#9
Id get an xl if I were you. The normal 3ds I have sometimes isn't enough. Screenwise.
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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#10
Yes I still have the Regular Black 3DS and I love it.

I missed out on DS so I have way more DS games than 3DS but there are enough good 3DS games to make the purchase worthy.

Also there are more good games releasing this year as well as the ones we haven't heard about at E3 yet.
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