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So I'm going to get a 3DS today, but what game should I get with it?

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  3. So I'm going to get a 3DS today, but what game should I get with it?

User Info: AIDSbeam

4 years ago#1
I'm torn between Fire Emblem, Etrian Odyssey 4, and Code of Princess

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User Info: Timohtep

4 years ago#2
Seeing as how I've played none of those, I can only recommend Kid Icarus, lol

Also I love your username.

User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#3
Well having only played the demo for Fire Emblem- the AMAZING demo- I'd go with that.
Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind.
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User Info: MetalLoki

4 years ago#4
Fire Emblem
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User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#5
I suggest you get two older 3DS games instead of those.
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User Info: j0nb0y22

4 years ago#6
Fire Emblem.

User Info: mmpepsi

4 years ago#7
Etrian Odyssey is the only correct choice.

If like correct answers get that.

Besides, the first print comes with the soundtrack/artbook so you'll miss out if you wait.

User Info: esoteric42

4 years ago#8
In order of greatness:

Fire Emblem
Code of Princess
Etrian Odyssey
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User Info: Ame_no_Murakumo

4 years ago#9
Fire Emblem. GREAT game. :)
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User Info: Mega_Rat

4 years ago#10
Not CoP.
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  3. So I'm going to get a 3DS today, but what game should I get with it?

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