Games with the worst voice acting

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User Info: fakewars

4 years ago#141
Toadster9001 posted...
Persona 4

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User Info: MettanAtem

4 years ago#142
The only game I can think of that wasn't mentioned yet is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Not necessarily the worst, but definitely far from the best.

(Oh yeah, and for the record, that infamous laughing scene from Final Fantasy X? It's supposed to be forced and awkward-sounding.)

User Info: GoldenEyeRa

4 years ago#143
Heavy Rain
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User Info: AceMos

4 years ago#144
arc rise of fantasia ant that bad its just sub par and they get better aroudn the middle of the game

but yea games like chaos wars now those are the worst
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User Info: Cremdogz

4 years ago#145
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. I was so surprised by how good its writing is, but the voice acting is terrible, there's nothing good about it. It ruins what should've been a classic Final Fantasy.
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User Info: FlashZephyr

4 years ago#146
Enchanted Arms for sure.
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User Info: geowulf

4 years ago#147
Magna Carta was pretty bad.

User Info: thelovebat

4 years ago#148
kamikaze135 posted...
Definitely Chaos Wars. I don't even think they tried.
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User Info: Erza_Scarlet

4 years ago#149
Here is a sample of Shining Force 3's VA.

User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#150
Ghetsis posted...
Spiffy247 posted...
Megaman 8 and Megaman X4 come to mind.

What? What's so bad about X4's? The voice acting is just fine. Only problem I can think of is "TIME TO GET SERIOUS!"

Anyway, my vote is Star Ocean: The Second Story. It's so hilariously bad that it's amazing.

i kind of liked the way claud says this is bad here is the enemy or something like that.
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