Tethering 3DS (say you have no data limit)

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User Info: Jim200

4 years ago#1
Would you get the same effects, like online gaming and messaging?

For anyone that doesn't know, if you have a hotspot plan and your phone/tablet can do it, you can give your 3DS WiFi anywhere you go especially if your phone can do it.

I'm thinking of doing it once I get a smartphone. I'll be able to afford the data costs. Good idea?
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User Info: Zacek

4 years ago#2
Is that possible?
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User Info: bskiffington

4 years ago#3
I use tehtering when the power goes out and it works just fine. I havent used it for online gaming though

User Info: Nep_tune

4 years ago#4
You can do that.

Though, depending on your data speeds, it's probably not a good idea to play online that way.

You should be able to download things from the eShop, and use swapnote... you know... things that don't require a really good connection. I would just avoid using it for online gaming, for everyone else's sake.

I once ran into a little kid on Playstation All Stars for the PS3.
I could hear him on his microphone saying "I'm using the phone internet to play this, mom!" and he was REALLY lagging the game for everyone. It was at that point, that I realized people out there actually play online games this way.
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User Info: Dogscratch

4 years ago#5
Data depends on your phone, your carrier, cellphone network in your area and network technology used.

I tether my 3DS all the time, no lag issues - I am also using a newer phone with LTE support and a carrier that had smoking LTE speeds.

Usually have a 50ms ping with 26-30Mbps down stream X 18-20Mbps upstream. I've also tethered it and raided on WoW when my isp was down.

The 3DS is pretty lightweight on data use.
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