Favorite original DS game

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User Info: SerenityIV

4 years ago#1
What is your favorite original DS game of all time? I'd have to go with the Ace Attorney series.. It kept me captivated the entire time, and if I had to choose, the third title would be my favorite. How about you?
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User Info: FefnirOmega13

4 years ago#2
Rune Factory 3, closely followed up by Etrian Odyssey 3.
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User Info: kwando1313

4 years ago#3
Ace Attorney series as well for me. Love me my T&T.
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User Info: Mega_Rat

4 years ago#4
Rune Factory 3 and Radiant Historia
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User Info: ShadyBrad1984

4 years ago#5
Etrian Odyssey 3 and Shin Megami Tensai: Devil Survivor series.

Also, is SMT:Strange Journey, with soundtrack worth $62AU? (Still sealed)
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User Info: MATADOR480

4 years ago#6
Dragon Quest 5.
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User Info: VanKeith

4 years ago#7
The World Ends With You or the Ace Attorney series.
So much love for them

User Info: CressDXX

4 years ago#8
Jump ultimate stars and Inazuma eleven 2.
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User Info: GenericName9

4 years ago#9
Trauma Center
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User Info: melchiahdim

4 years ago#10
Tough to narrow down.

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
Zelda Spirit Tracks
Metroid Prime Hunters

I'm sure there are others I'm blanking on.
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