Is Nintendo moving to a preorder/e shop, only system?

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User Info: rockymin

4 years ago#11
Black_Assassin posted...
d0wner posted...
Nothing Nintendo publishes falls into this category.

Yeah, Fire Emblem Awakening was well stocked in stores across the globe.

And don't forget Xenoblade, Nintendo published that too.
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User Info: QuagsireQing

4 years ago#12
For most Nintendo-published titles, I think it is (not that there was ever any point in not pre-ordering games before, but i digress). EB Games Canada experiences this new production model in the most recent two first-party titles, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Brain Age Concentration Training. Stores received physical copies for their pre-orders, and one or two spare copies if you were quick enough to grab one on the single day they were sold. Brain Age Concentration Training was limited to pre-orders only (if a store had no pre-orders, it didn't receive copies). Later on, Fire Emblem: Awakening eShop codes could be bought in store, so at least customers could use their trades to pay for it, but it's still just a digital copy.

Nintendo followed up with EB Games later, and confirmed that LEGO City Undercover and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon would be similarly allocated. From this, the stores are expecting to receive enough copies for pre-orders, and no (at least not any significant) extras. Just like Fire Emblem and Brain Age before them, they'll be available as eShop purchases after that.

I've pre-ordered nearly every new release I've bought in the last thirteen years, ever since EB Games grabbed me with Pokémon Gold & Silver Versions, so this doesn't affect me whatsoever. Every time I'd be in an EB, I'd look at the pre-order binder to make sure I have everything that I want taken care of. There isn't and never was anything but advantages in doing so, and I guess it's time for everyone to start doing the same now.
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User Info: HappyHippo04

4 years ago#13
d0wner posted...
Only extremely niche / very low print run games are ever done pre-order only. Nothing Nintendo publishes falls into this category.

HappyHippo04 posted...
I'm not exactly sure what the response is supposed to indicate.

It indicates that it's a stupid question.

Well Fire Emblem, MUH3, amd Castlevania are all pre-order only at my local game-stop, other wise they said they will not be receiving a single copy from Nintendo and this is the new way they will be doing it. So I fail to see how this is a stupid question, but thanks.

User Info: ss4gogeta_dark

4 years ago#14
Fire emblem was just so amazing it sold out fast.
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User Info: ares9090

4 years ago#15
Apparently pre-order and eShop will be the new norm, Animal Crossing New Leaf suffered the same fate as FE:A with Iwata giving a ridiculous excuse to the short print of retail copies of the game.

The demos we are getting are so lame that convince people to NOT BUY games, simply because the demos are content from the beginning of the games where you can not really see how the game develops once advanced further in the story.
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It makes sense from a business standpoint. You don't have a ton of excess that you have to put on sale to sell through.

On the other hand I feel they should probably go through at least three shipments before putting a halt on it
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User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#17
That would be amazingly stupid if Nintendo were to go pre-order only. People don't really want all digital and you can't give them as gift properly come holiday season. They will be kicking themselves if Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, & Pokemon suffer such supply constraint come November. I mean I'd expect Pokemon would drive more western 3DS sales, and all 3 are games more likely to sell to children(as in Parents by them those of Christmas and such) .

I can not say about Fire Emblem in the long run. But considering it is far more popular then previous entries, it may very well get more proper print runs around then. I think Nintendo didn't expect this because they did not make a worth while DS Fire Emblem, and seem to be oblivious of the 3DSs RPG audience coming from DS when the system is currently bereft of RPGs. That is to say FE didn't sell well DS because too many other RPGs, no advertisements, and it was just a remake of the first game that ultimately felt worse than the rest. If you try to gage the sale on GBA or GC/Wii, its not helping, the audience was still on PS2 or moved to DS. So really lack of any SRPG competition on 3DS means sales for FE, general lack of RPGs on 3DS helps too.

And of those wandering Paper Mario doesn't count. They simplified the elements so it lacks things people wanted from RPGs. I mean when your retail choices are Tales of the Abyss, Kingdom Hearts DDD, Etrian Odessey IV, & SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked(which was already a DS game) is it any wonder that Fire Emblem sales are go.

I'd also argue that launch period sales have been a thing for 3rd party sales, which then drop off. Where as Nintendo has always profited from long term sales. Why they'd change the set up in favor of digital only, when it has huge potential to kill long term sales of many big sellers would be a mystery. No matter what the industry thinks people aren't ready for digital downloads, and what Nintendo has in place to manage them isn't going to cut it. Other DD versus retail topics have indicated how low the DD amount was. Point is not having big Nintendo games on retail shelves will cost sales that made Nintendo games to top selling period. (never mind dd games get downed out, because shovelware doesn't go away, and the eShop rating system does nothing to filter.)
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