Why did you buy your 3DS?

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User Info: AzN_KiRbY890

4 years ago#121
fire emblem. that is all.
Fire Emblem + Little Busters = :)

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#122
For RE:Revalations, I don't think I've bought a 3ds games since, Looking forward to soul hackers and Dark moon, and if I can ever FIND a copy of FE:A ill buy that too

User Info: jaoman69

4 years ago#123

User Info: lollipopper

4 years ago#124
I bought a refrigerator and oven at Sears and got about $160 in in-store credit. Pokemon XY had just been announced and my wife loves Layton, so it was kismet.
I want to go on American Gladiators just so I can play Assault.

User Info: mithos08

4 years ago#125
Never managed to play OoT on N64.
However, Tales was simply the best game my 3ds could get and mainly the reason I not only don't regret, but fully enjoy the console
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User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#126
For the Nintendo games.
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Going to go a year without playing 3DS. Started 1/14/13. Ended 1/14/13

User Info: DocsDeLorean

4 years ago#127
I first bought a 3DS a month after launch with Street Fighter. I figured being a Nintendo handheld, I was going to get plenty of use out of it. Got bored with Street Fighter REAL quick. Second game I got was Zelda. Loved it, but once I beat it, there was no other games I wanted and nothing coming soon, so I sold the 3DS.

This past December, Best Buy had a deal for the 3DS XL for $159.99 with Mario Kart 7 installed. The same week, Target had it for $199 w/ a $20 gift card. I work at Target, so I bought it there, price matched Best Buy and got it for $136.79 after my discount and RedCard then got a $20 gift card on top of that. I wasnt really planning on getting one at the time, but it was way too good of a deal to pass up for a 3DS XL and a free game. Got Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, Professor Layton, Mario 3D Land and Fire Emblem so far.

User Info: Zero_Maniac

4 years ago#128
Kingdom Hearts, MML3 and OoT 3D. OoT was good while it lasted, KH kinda sucked IMO, and MML3...well, we all know what happened with that.
PSN: Zero_Maniac623

User Info: Emperor_Z

4 years ago#129
Maybe this is a bad reason, but I just figured that I needed one of the two new handhelds sooner or later, and I liked the 3DS library and features more than the Vita's, whose games are usually just scaled down console games.

User Info: teh_kyle00

4 years ago#130
My DSi's R button was functional only about 50% of the time, that was the main reason.

Secondary reason was the games I knew would come out.
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