Why did you buy your 3DS?

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User Info: Cyclone314

4 years ago#61
Mario Kart and Virtue's Last Reward
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User Info: Halectic

4 years ago#62
Monster Hunter and Etrian Odyssey
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User Info: dilbert719

4 years ago#63
I bought it for Ace Attorney vs. Professor Layton.

That's worked out so far. :(

I'm glad I have it, though, mostly for NSMB2 and Mario 3D Land. I have yet to get Miracle Mask, but that's because I've spent way too much time with Persona 4 on my Vita, and I want to clear my plate of that before I get sucked into Layton.

User Info: SS4kronos33

4 years ago#64
this i bought the 3ds.................

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User Info: antsofamerica

4 years ago#65
To play Mario Kart 7

User Info: Sandaan

4 years ago#66
Because I am collecting all major Nintendo handhelds except for the pre-Gameboy ones like Mr. Game and Watch. I already owned all the major handhelds from the Gameboy line except for Light, all the older DS models and then I saw an ad that is offering a used 3DS with the ambassador certificate thing plus a free game for $110 so I decided to buy it.
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User Info: EdwardDigital

4 years ago#67
It was an impulse buy a couple weeks after the price drop. I walked into Target, picked up the 3DS, Sonic Colors, Okamiden, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. I returned Sonic and Spider-Man though.

User Info: CorneliusNepos

4 years ago#68
For all the games I knew were going to come out for it (e.g. Shin Megami Tensei) and the games I suspect will come out for it (e.g. Dragon Quest).
Also, it's Nintendo.

User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#69
dropped my DS, top screen snapped off...
logic escapes this site.

User Info: Nophoria88

4 years ago#70
Fire Emblem Awakening was the push, now I'm deciding between Kid Icarus, Pokemon White 2 and Tales of the Abyss (from the many I narrowed it down from lol). Any recommendations by chance?
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