Is the hate for Castlevania justified?

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User Info: NoNameAtAll

4 years ago#71
The music is my concern. I haven't played Lords of Shadow or Mirror of Fate, but I have heard the music.

It just doesn't have that "feel" that other Castlevania games have musically. Even 64, terrible as it was, had that feel, especially with some old tracks like Dance of Illusion.
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User Info: AngelWithaHat

4 years ago#72
darkness1018 posted...
No its not. People just want the old school 2D metroidvania games back since they cant let go of nostalgia. Dont get me wrong, my fav Castlevania is SotN but i also realize not every new game in the series need to be like it to be good. Not all metroidvania games are good either. Mirror of Fate is not a bad game, while far from being the best its still enjoyable and at the end of the day thats what matters.


User Info: GoldenJoe24

4 years ago#73
Haven't played yet, but my expectations are low. I enjoyed both classic and Metroid style Castlevanias, but LoS is the first one I ignored since CotM. I don't like QT events and GoW style garbage. I know this is 2D entry, so I'll give it a shot, but without the gameplay, story, and MUSIC (seriously?), I'm not sure what part of this is supposed to Castlevania. The fact that the characters have the same names?

User Info: OoSubaruoO

4 years ago#74
Remember when people hated Metroidvanias like SoTN? Now, the same thing applies to Lords of Shadow.

My advice is, fan bases in general suck. Play the demo, decide for yourself.

User Info: Grayson1Robin

4 years ago#75
No this game is great and the best 3DS game I've played. Castlevania is my favorite series and this game is awesome. People complain because they like to complain and nothing else.

User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#76
Well see most of the haters are kidswho only played gba/ds CV games and ignore the fact LOI did the same exact combat first and are ignorant the QTE are the only issue and even then it is not that bad because they are in moderation not prepatch RE6 every minute or two

User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#77
SefcaBlight posted...
really depends on how much you like the watered down god of war style gameplay

Proves my point children think GOW invented whip combo combat

User Info: OoSubaruoO

4 years ago#78
You know this fandom sucks, when people continuously compare LoS to God of War.

User Info: Neo1661

4 years ago#79
No! I thought the demo was ace apart from framerate issues! It's just fanboys not liking change as usual.

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#80
Gandalf the Istari posted...
XWolfO posted...
Yes. The demo was good, but the whole game isn't that great.

I'm so glad I decided to skip it and never preordered.

How do you know the whole game isn't that great then?

Well, not the whole game, but I did play the full game for about an hour on my friend's 3DS. It started to get really boring pretty quickly. And no, it's not because I "moved on to a different genre" or some crap like that. I just didn't like it as much as I thought I would when I played the demo.
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