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User Info: Contradictator

4 years ago#1
I see you Mega Man 3! You were my favorite Megaman for years! Come out to play tomorrow!

User Info: shamontray29

4 years ago#2
.residentevil:mercanaries 3d
.Atv wild ride 3d
.pokemon mystery dungeon demo

nice week!
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psn gamertag:getmoneyboytay

User Info: kalvador

4 years ago#3
Contradictator posted...
I see you Mega Man 3! You were my favorite Megaman for years! Come out to play tomorrow!

I have to finish mega man 2 first, I'm stuck in Wily castle, I can't survive the encore battle against the 8 robots... Grrrr.....
More frustrating when you think that when I was young I could beat them so easily...
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
- Magus

User Info: Turbo_TRex

4 years ago#4
Is that Mega Man 3 (NES) or Mega Man III (GB)? I'm guessing NES, which sucks, because I have the Anniversary Collection but haven't played the GB games.
To err is human. To blame your computer for your mistakes is even more human.

User Info: xIvan321

4 years ago#5
I am Megaman... I'm blue and cyan... The creation of doctor wright or light if you are from japan. (Also known as rock man!!)
3DS FC:4425-1580-1611. Former MPH player of the KI:U board.
3DS chat: SKYPE: xIvan321_
(message deleted)

User Info: Aarosmashguy27

4 years ago#7
RocketZXblue posted...
I don't get it, why are people "buying" NES games?
I thought by now everyone would know how to work an Emulator...
my Android has like 300 NES games on it.

Well I mean one time I bought Mega Man 2 for my iphone and it was the worst experience of my life. I'll pay 5 dollars for decent controls and portability.

User Info: ObtuseAngina

4 years ago#8
Because, people don't like to be criminals.
./|,-``\(o)_\,----,,,_ But if you're gonna cheat,
( `\(o),,_/` : o : : :o `-, might as well be a fairy while you're at it.

User Info: setyman

4 years ago#9
x23sephiroth23x posted...
Because, people don't like to be criminals.
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User Info: Drac_Mazoku

4 years ago#10
Boy did I just the wrong (or right depending) week to stop buying games for a while, until I clear my 3DS backlog. With Castlevania, and all those awesome eShop release, it would have been a killer week for me (both in terms of great games, but also for my wallet). If there's awesome VC too, now that would be the perfect week. I guess, everything will go on the wishlist, so that I don't forget about them later on...
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