Luigi's Mansion or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3?

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User Info: Second_Chances

4 years ago#21
Get both.

I think of the two I'm more excited for PMD myself, but that's just because while I remember liking LM1 I played it forever ago and remember nothing.

User Info: the_NGW

4 years ago#22

lol @ Mystery Dungeon
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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#23
Kurizaka posted...
Go Weegee!
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User Info: tortimer

4 years ago#24
Luigi's Mansion 2 for sure. I really liked Luigi's Mansion 1 and this looks a lot better IMO. I don't really care for PMD but I'm not a big Pokemon fan.

User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#25
Luigi's Mystery Dungeon: Dark Moon Infinity

but in all seriousness, I'd say...LM2.
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User Info: pvtplatypus

4 years ago#26
I'm the odd one out. I'm getting PMD. I'll be getting Luigi's Mansion in month or so though.

User Info: psycho_slicer

4 years ago#27
Definitely pokemon mystery dungeon for me

User Info: warlord78

4 years ago#28
Luigi's Mansion
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User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#29
90sRetroGaming posted...
Kurizaka posted...
Go Weegee!
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User Info: AIvinn

4 years ago#30
I've never even played Luigi's Mansion, and I love PMD. I'd say go for Luigi's mansion.

I played the PMD demo, and it just doesn't feel.. the same? I don't know how to describe it, but with less than half the pokedex in this game, i'd say just go for luigi's masnion.
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