I'll never get tired of Dual Screen Nintendo handhelds. :) long live 2 screens!

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  3. I'll never get tired of Dual Screen Nintendo handhelds. :) long live 2 screens!

User Info: IHeartMetroid

4 years ago#1
It was fun like 8 years ago with the DS and stuff and hope the next gen Nintendo handhelds will still have Dual Screens.

Reasons why I STILL LOVE Dual Screen Nintendo handhelds-

Love clamshell design.
the hingest are ALWAYS rock solid and mine have never gotten very loose and wobbly after a few years.
I can still play DS Lite and DS handhelds- my original gray DS Phat has survived everything from falls all the way to a dip in a vat of cherry soda and it it STILL alive and kicking.

I LOVE the concept of look at bottom screen for menu or map. Now look up for main game. It makes the game so uncluttered- in a single screen game, HUD elements are always getting up my character's nose or bounding along their butt as they run, and it kinda ruins the immersion. Having a dedicated seperate spot to put all that helps!
Touch bottom screen for actions on the top screen and then there is always the gap in between screens that the DS tries to pretend isn't there works so well.

If the original systems Nintendo made are any indication, they're certainly capable of making a unique Nintendo handheld that ISN'T Clamshell, however, the clamshell was a brilliant move on their part. It reduced the overall space the system took, making it more portable, while still allowing for all the different features we love about the Nintendo portables.
Hell the even realized how successful the DS was with the Wii U so the TV acts like the top screen and the Gamepad acts like the bottom screen.

I just want to keep truckin' with 2 BIG ass good quality HD touch screen Nintendo handheld and be lovin' it.
If Nintendo did something like the Gameboy Advance but 3DS XL size and with more buttons that would just absolutely suck. I don't want a Vita DS. I want my Hotel Dusk sideways playin, Etrian Oddysey map-screen drawin KICK ASS PORTABLE!

Long live the DS!
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User Info: pbandjames

4 years ago#2
So you actually can form arguments for your opinions? Well, that's a surprise.

I also actually agree with your opinion. I don't understand how people can say that they'd prefer all the maps and such displayed on the one screen to cover what you're doing. The clam shell design also keeps it nice and portable, which the SP ingeniously started.

I can't imagine a Nintendo handheld without the clamshell now. It would just feel like a step back rather than a movement forward.

I would also bring up the point that the clamshell allows for quick and easy sleep mode implementation.
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User Info: Puddingchan

4 years ago#3
I don't mind the dual screens for this gen. However, I don't think they will go far if they keep doing it this way.

I forsee that the next gen console from Nintendo will have a single touch screen covering the top and bottom, just that it is foldable. So this time, you can touch both the top and the bottom parts of the screen. Especially after Japan and Korea came out with the technology for foldable touchscreen displays. This single touch screen covers the space that the dual screens currently do, except that now there is no gap in between two screens and so it is effectively just an extended screen.

User Info: Deimos259

4 years ago#4
Dual screens are indeed amazing
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  3. I'll never get tired of Dual Screen Nintendo handhelds. :) long live 2 screens!

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