Whats the big deal with Animal Crossing?

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User Info: ObtuseAngina

4 years ago#31
its a game about being extorted by a god damn raccoon
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User Info: alphame4

4 years ago#32
Can you marry other animals and breed?
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User Info: MizzDiamondz

4 years ago#33
Animal Crossing is so successful because it's a game where you can do anything you want at your own pace. There are no set goals, apart from expanding your house. It's just a downright charming game that appeals to people of all ages.

You make your town the way you want it to be, and the random villagers that move into your town make your town truly unique. There's so many things to do, whether it's fishing, bug catching, fossil collecting, completing the museum, or just socialising with your neighbours. Dressing up your character and decorating your house makes your town that much more unique, and the addition of Community Projects in New Leaf enhaces the individuality of your town. Visiting other people's towns and seeing what their town is like is an adventure in itself.

Admittedly, the Animal Crossing series is not for everyone. But for the people who enjoy it, it's a charming, unique series that is all about customisation, socialisation, and individuality. It's sort of like a second life that you can show off to the world. You won't feel that magic unless you play it, so try and give it a chance. There are a lot of reasons why people like Animal Crossing, and you may not understand those reasons, but regardless, they exist.
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User Info: onilink75

4 years ago#34
My wife bought a pink XL just for Animal Crossing. I am also buying the game, I expect it will sell a few systems for people that will play nothing but Animal Crossing. It's a great type of game for damn near everyone.
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