Japan has so many color options

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User Info: mahgah91

4 years ago#11
Reggie said he'd like to offer more colors but different colors don't sell as well as they do in the US. He actually gave numbers. Blame the consumer.

User Info: darkstar4221

4 years ago#12
who cares, most people who buy a 3DS are not going to buy another one.

User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#13
Janus151 posted...
ok well whoever has the power, please give us more colors for North America! :p
Black 3DS XL please!


From what I've heard ^ they have the power.
I'm not digging the mint color. I just want either a black one or a green/black one. I won't be buying a XL until either one of those colors come out
3DS 1160-9716-6904 Gamer Tag: AwesomeAJ x8
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