Vita outsold 3DS last week. Is this the turnaround Nintendo feared?!

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User Info: Zendaik

4 years ago#61
hutchyhutchy posted...
Market saturation. Same thing happened with the Wii.

What saturation? The 3DS consistently sells 60-70k+ each week. Not to mention DS sold like 30 mil+ in Japan whereas 3DS is only 10 mil+...
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User Info: SSJ2__Gohan

4 years ago#62
I'm not surprised, and it doesn't say anything about Nintendo.

After all, almost all Nintendo fans got the 3DS already, but many Sony fans waited with their purchase of the Vita. Result: as of current, there are simply more potential Vita buyers than potential 3DS buyers. It's not hard to imagine that if that group is set into motion (like the recent pricecut did), the sales can easily jump above the 3DS's.

It's basically like squeezing water out of a sponge. Sony's sponge is still full of water as it has hardly gotten squeezed before, while Nintendo's got some very effective squeezes already. If both suddenly get squeezed equally as much, it's Sony's sponge that loses the most water. But the squeezing is destined to end, and Sony's sponge will continue to hold more water (in this case translated as: will hold a smaller amount of total sales).

User Info: MetalLoki

4 years ago#63
Undietaker posted...
GooBacksBack posted...
PSV 63.581
3DS 61.008

Silly rabbit, everyone knows sales numbers only matter here when Sony is on top....

Fixed to show clear bias of you post.

Every weeks the media create gets ignored but now it's somehow important >_>
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User Info: SSj7CloudS

4 years ago#64
lunchEATSyou posted...
I thought you got banned...

They deserve it at any rate for posting useless things like this. Oh no, 2,000 ahead for ONE WEEK. Clearly it's a turnaround and the 3DS is done.

Pft feared, bwahahahahahaha
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User Info: Superrpgman

4 years ago#65
Yeah, because a whole weeks worth of sales where a competitor beats you after a bloody price drop by a very small margin truly spells trouble for a company :P

Seriously, I didn't even know that they usually posted weekly system sales or systems that are over a year old. You must have REALLY scraped the bottom of the barrel to find a website that actually gave you this information!
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  3. Vita outsold 3DS last week. Is this the turnaround Nintendo feared?!

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