How much money have you guys invested into your Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL?

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User Info: Solnot

4 years ago#1
As far as buying the system, any retail and digital games, accessories, etc. How much money do you think you have spent in total on the 3DS?

User Info: Drac_Mazoku

4 years ago#2
urgh...I'm around 120 games digitally right now, with 20+ being full retail download. At this point, I can only say a lot...
My 3DS digital games collection and slow progression beating it:

User Info: supremeblaster

4 years ago#3
$180 for console, $40 for RE:R and $25 for some DS games.

User Info: dominatinggamer

4 years ago#4
3ds XL - $170
FE:A - $43
999 - $0 (gift card)
Tales of Abyss- $32
Crashmo - ~$7
Gunman Clive ~$2
Case/Screen Protector/Stylus - $7

Will buy either PMD or Luigis Mansion so thats another: $43

Total by the end of the month: ~$304 including tax
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User Info: MrDrippy

4 years ago#5
A lot! I have the Zelda 3DS, about 24 retail games, 10 downloaded games, and have bought over 20 DS games to play on the 3DS.

I love the 3DS!

User Info: Ketchup799

4 years ago#6
3DS: $110
FE:A $40
Mario 3D Land: $27
KI: U: $27
Zelda OOT: $31
MH3U: $20 (Amazon pre-order deal)

Total: About $255

Might sell MH3U. Don't know if I really need a portable version in addition to the Wii U version.
Currently playing: FE:A, KI:U., FF6

User Info: Dinglesteed

4 years ago#7
3DS launch aqua blue - $250
3DS XL launch day - $200
~17 retail games - ???
6 or so digital eShop games - Guessing $30
CPP - $20
Screen Protectors - $10

Probably about $750 or so? I dunno...
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User Info: DapperDanMan

4 years ago#8
Bought the launch 3ds
Ocarina of time, etrian odyssey 4, and like 10 ds games (including slightly more expensive stuff like the world ends with you)
Then matio kart 7, fire emblem, harvest moon, and all the zelda eshop games pushmo, crashmo, and a few other random eshop stuff. Gunman clive etc.

So like ~ $650 or so

User Info: KaitaNuva

4 years ago#9

$190 for MK7 + 3ds xl
$33 for Z:OOT3D
$42 for FE:A
$40 for ZE:VLR
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User Info: Black_Assassin

4 years ago#10
3DS XL + shipping = 200e
4 games
One 20 USD Nintendo points card
~300-350 euros? Roughly.
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