I want to bring my 3ds to school, but I dont know...

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User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#21
strongo9 posted...
Do it man. Every hot chick will want your D... S.

Damn, I wish : /
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User Info: alphame4

4 years ago#22
You shouldn't since you go to school to study.

Let me hold your 3DS. I'll keep it safe.
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User Info: Phoslus

4 years ago#23
I'm in high school and I bring my 3DS everyday.
It's actually quite popular here and half of the swim team owns one. :D
Some guys even bring their Gameboy Color.

User Info: RocketZXblue

4 years ago#24
Brought my GBA and my DS to school EVERY DAY of high school
F what people say seriously... Personally no one EVER said anything to my face about bringing games to school
Oh and KEEP IT ON YOU AT ALL TIMES don't ever put it In Your backpack, have it in your pants pocket.
And seriously if you're worried just leave it In Your pocket to streetpass
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User Info: 258laza

4 years ago#25
I remember I brought my GBA to school, and it fell out of my pocket, and I was laughed at. Good times, good times.

Just do it, the worse they can do is laugh, which you will have plenty of time to do while they are washing your car as you sit back inside the very car with your slick 4DS

User Info: GreenSF49

4 years ago#26
They were doing random searches one day and the asst. principle said to me"why do you have that?" and some random kid is all like" so he won't get bored(duuhhhhhhh)"I was like :o

true story.

I don't play it though (dont have time for that), but I always bring it to school(but it stays in my backpack).

And one time I dropped my ipod and a girl was like "ooooooppppps..."

I felt like crying... for humanity.

User Info: MrAntike184

4 years ago#27
I brought my 3DS to school once, back in 2011. I played Pokemon White on it, and i remember everybody saying how cool it was... Made me feel good... but then in 2012 i brought it and played Resident Evil Revelations and everybody kept saying that it sucked... i was like "WTF?!".
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User Info: ss4gogeta_dark

4 years ago#28
Bring pokemon. *****es love pokemon.
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User Info: MewtwoEx

4 years ago#29
Leave this kid alone, he has poor self esteem

User Info: Lolo_knight

4 years ago#30
^.^ I'm "that kid" too playing pokemon black 2 and cannot wait for monster hunter on tuesday!

Thing is im "that kid" in the office, and I'm 25, I've been "that kid" since I goy my gameboy light in 98, if it's not a good game I like to bring a good book.

Mostly I play on the subway while going to work, (or school back in the day), but if the conversation drifts to moronic stuff like gossip, or fashion, or soap operas, or freaking soccer I go to my happy place.

Tho I'm mexican and people here don't tend (in my experience) to alinate or label gamers, or fantasy geeks or otakus or what ever, you are just you and they don't mind what $ht ur into.

I dunno over there, but being "that kid" has brought me awesome stories in form of epic battles and adventures and I've managed my gameplay and social time well enought that I don't feel like I missed anything of both worlds.

While you grow up you're gonna learn that there's a lot of things for you to worry that you have no energy left to worry about what people think of you, and you'll be happy.... aside for worring who's gonna pay the bills, and feed the dog, and get a new job 'cuz you work 12 consecutive hours twice a week... hehehe

And I can't wait to have a kid and play with him, and reading to him like my dad did. Of course if he is in that kind of stuff. Hope I don't get a soccer boy hehehe
We fill the silence with our own insecurities
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