I really liked the HarmoKnight Demo!

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User Info: confettistorm

4 years ago#21
The music...

It's so simple, yet so endearing.
Games like this are why I got into this hobby.

Demo convinced me to put down money for this...

Funny because the last demo to convince me to purchase was Theatrhythm.

User Info: Scutchington

4 years ago#22
I really had a lot of fun with the demo, what I really enjoyed though was reading about people having a hard time on the actual levels and bosses. All I could say to that was "***, I'm pretty much deaf in one eear and I had a **** easy time with them."

Seriously though, I'm definitely going to pick this up off the eshop once its out. The music was so charming yet incredibly simple.
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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#23
why does playing this game remind me of the powerpuff girls?
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User Info: Zanoooo

4 years ago#24
I was expecting alot more from this game, idk it just feels too simple and too expensive for what it is.

Honestly people, spend the 15 on runner2 if you want a good rythem platformer. You get better level design and just better gameplay and speed. Plus you get to support a company that obviously put alot of love into it's product.
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  3. I really liked the HarmoKnight Demo!

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