what do you think of my startup 3DS games?

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User Info: kamui22

4 years ago#21

I am a longtime CV fan and understand how divided in opinions the community can be, so when I saw how mixed the reviews and opinions of the game were I wasn't too surprised. I know some fans ONLY like Metrodvania style while others ONLY like classic style or 2D.

I however have been playing the series since the NES original and have enough appreciation for all the different styles the series has had to not be so critical. I am a little upset that Konami kind of took the series away from IGA after he kept it alive over the last decade;however, I was still happy to see the LoS reboot of the series as it was a chance at new life for the series. I enjoyed LoS pretty well, and even though there were some things I didn't like about it, I still enjoyed it as a fresh new start to keep the series alive.

After reading different reviews of MoF I pretty much knew I would probably still enjoy it even though there are some things I wished they would have done differently. So far the game has been enjoyable and I have been awstruck by the beauty of the 2D backgrounds due to the depth effect of the 3D. I do wish they had integrated the platforming with the hack n slashing of monsters like an oldschool CV instead of separating them and putting in a combo system for fighting monsters. They made a 2D game but gave it a 3D action game battle system via LoS. I think this is the biggest reason some seem to totally hate the game. It is still fun to me even though it would have been better had they not integrated the LoS 3D combo system into a 2D game.

The only other thing I don't care for is the music. Just like LoS, it isn't actively bad, its just not special or memorable whatsoever. I am not a fan of most modern game OST's due to the overly used "epic" orchestral soundtracks that usually all just sound like cliche movie scores. Also, I am of course a big fan of the classic CV music.

At the end of the day I am still enjoying it quite a bit for what it is. Just from reading reviews I figured it would end up being a 7 or 7.5 game to me, but so far it could end up being a little higher maybe. What may ruin it though is that I know you only use each character for a small amount of time, which is something I may very well be annoyed of and dock the score over.

User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#22
pretty weak like many said...
if i were to recommend 4 games to a new user, i'd go with...
- kid icarus uprising
- resident evil revelations
- fire emblem
- theatrhythm final fantasy

that said shinobi I think shinobi is probably the most solid game you have
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