Battery life on XL?

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User Info: KaitaNuva

4 years ago#11
vidalmoraza posted...
KaitaNuva posted...
DapperDanMan posted...
nimerjm37 posted...

There is no reason for the original 3DS to exist in a 3DS XL world. It is superior to the regular 3DS in every imaginable way.

I like that my 3ds fits in my pocket?

Stop wearing skinny jeans then. It fits into all my khakis / work pants / normal jeans / jacket pockets / whatever.

Topic: My XL lasts about 4-5 hours of active playing AND about 20 hours of sleep time with wifi off and 2nd highest brightness setting.

It fits, is not comfortable tho....

The original 3ds is thicker than the XL and the main point of discomfort for me regarding my XL is thickness, not width/length.
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