Do you guys still play DS games on your 3DS?

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User Info: Jumpluff

4 years ago#21
Yes I do. I also still use my DSlite to play GBA games.
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User Info: Faceman_

4 years ago#22
No. I hate the way it has those black bars on the side. It just bothers me. I'll stick to the dsi xl.

User Info: Zechs23

4 years ago#23
Yes, I still have plenty of DS games that need to be completed. :|
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User Info: vervaine

4 years ago#24
I never had a DS, so yep. I have more DS games than 3DS games. The black bars don't bother me at all, I'm usually playing in low light and the insides of my 3DS are black too, so the screen looks just right.

User Info: Mewtwo64

4 years ago#25

I bought a used DS Lite last month so that I can play my 3DS games on its home system and my DS games separately. I have a couple "apps" for the DS as well (Cooking Trainer and 100 Classic Books to new a few) and I find it more comfortable playing them on the DS than 3DS.

It's what I'm used to.
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User Info: KnightofTime

4 years ago#26
Yeah, I've been using my 3DS XL a lot these days as the system of choice for the DS games I've been playing over the last several weeks (all 9 of the main series Generation IV and Generation V Pokemon games)...but every once in a while I use my DS Lite. I've just gotten so used to using the 3DS XL these days, that the only real use I make of my DS Lite these days is for Pokemon trades between two of the games (one in the 3DS XL, the other in the DS Lite).

User Info: kyiori

4 years ago#27
Not really. I finished almost all my DS games in my collection anyway, but since I play the 3DS in my commute most of the time, playing DS games would block the precious streetpasses :(
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User Info: icemagician

4 years ago#28
Yes. Dat 3DS XL 1:1 mode.

User Info: WizardofHoth

4 years ago#29
yes that is why I bought a Nintendo "3DS" DS. to play regular DS games.

User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#30
Since I got my 3DS I beat

- The World Ends With You
- Last Window: Secret of Cape West
- 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
- The Legendary Starfy
- Pokemon Black 2
- Trace Memory
- a few other games I replayed for the heck of it

and I'm still playing some DS games I never beat on it as well.
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