Question for Dragon Quest players..

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User Info: UnderratedGamer

4 years ago#21
RocketZXblue posted...
okay i'll break it down here
DQ1 (NES/GB) not really worth it, you don't get a party you're just one person, it's like a 4-5 hour game all the way through, oh and your name affects your stats, putting ENIX makes the game as hard as possible (still took like 6 hours for me though)

DQ2 (NES/GB) you get 3 party members now, pretty linear game though.

DQ3 (NES/GBC) - personally my favorite one, you actually create party members from a selection of classes, and later on they can change class so you can combine skills of different classes! oh but keep a guide handy as you'll need it... multiple times, trust me.

DQ4 (NES/DS) - first DS Dragon Quest game, the story is spread into "chapters" in each chapter you play a different main character(s) and at the last chapter they all meet up as one big party!

DQ5 (SNES/DS) - haven't finished this game yet, but as far I know the game story follows the main character though multiple generations, you start as a kid with your father, then a teen escaped prisoner, then you get married (three different brides in the DS game each one completely different skills/stats), you can capture some enemy monsters and use them pokemon style, then you get children! and your whole "family" fights in battles and level up also. i dunno what else happens but still quite a lot there.

DQ: Monsters GBC was what got me into DQ, in my opinion MILES ABOVE pokemon in terms of monster battling, the breeding system isn't horrible, the levels go past 100, and it's chock full of DQ references from DQ1 to DQ6. there's a 3DS version out in japan now that should be WAY better.

Or you can follow this guy. He's basically does everything in the game.
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User Info: shampoowarrior

4 years ago#22
Nickcool1996 posted...
I believe the general opinion is...


Could be wrong though. Try starting with IX since it's the easiest and has loads of post-game content.

Pretty much nailed it
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User Info: Silver_Sparklet

4 years ago#23
RocketZXblue posted...

DQ2 (NES/GB) you get 3 party members now, pretty linear game though.

Uhm, what? Am I in the twilight zone here? That game was in no way, shape, or form a linear game. It's one of the only games that I could not beat because I couldn't find a key?, And it had me searching around the world continuously for various items.

I'm just gonna take a gander that you've never really played it, that is just preposterous.

Anyway to the TC, DragonQuest 2 is about all I’ve played, and it was pretty fun. I too am wondering what I should pick up. I'm leaning towards 6 but only because the character on the front looks like a Super-Saiyan 2 with blue hair lol.

I'm also considering getting "Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light" because of the hard difficulty.
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User Info: nazacuckoo

4 years ago#24
Try get IX, it's really cool and a great entry point for the series.
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User Info: a g

a g
4 years ago#25
6 > 5 > 4 > 9

User Info: badboy

4 years ago#26
9 is definitely the best to start with. Although it wasn't my first DQ game, it made me appreciate the series much more.

User Info: Vyers

4 years ago#27
GlamGlorps posted...
IX or Rocket Slime if you want games that are actually fun.

IV, V, or VI if you want archaic bore-fests with minimal-to-no innovation.

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